Testing, Testing…..

Well, hello again.

If you are reading this you have found what will – eventually – become the new home of (Get Your) Legs Down.After nearly eight years I’ve decided to move everything over from Google’s Blogger platform to here at WordPress.com. Why? Well, read on.

Since very early on I’ve used Windows Live Writer to create my blog poswindowslivewriter_thumbts. It was a great piece of software to largely html illiterate numpties like me. It prepared the blog post exactly as it would look online – the right formatting, fonts etc, and crucially it handled the import of photos, which feature heavily in my blogs. The last incarnation was in 2012 – Microsoft had clearly abandoned it, but it continued to work well. Thankfully so, because I’ve never got on with Blogger’s web interface, particularly when it comes to photos.

In November 2015 – or thereabouts I think, Google changed the way third party programs log into it’s sites. Overnight Live Writer became useless. I didn’t discover this until our Christmas getaway that year when I tried to send our first blog out.

untitledA search on the ‘net for alternative revealed something called Open Live Writer (OLW). It seemed that Microsoft had released – the source code – I think that’s what it’s called – to a group of enthusiatic developers who made the necessary changes and brought Live Writer back to life.

All was good until a week or so ago. Suddenly a new error meassage appeared. A search on the OLW forums revealed it was a widespread problem. Google had once again made some changes it seems, this time in the way photos used in the blog are stored. You could publish a text only post, but add even a single photo and it was a no go. I – along with others have tried various workarounds, whilst we wait and hope that the developers – who don’t forget are doing this for free – update the software. As it stands, I can still publish to my main blog – (Get Your) Legs down – but not The Ale Archive or my ‘mother’ blog A Load of Nonsense.

You will see that the whole blog is already here – importing was pretty easy. However, if you look at other posts,  there is some work to do with formatting – particularly those pesky photos which are such an essential part. I’ll be running both blogs side by side until I’m enirely happy with the layout.