Fit2Go Tyre Pressure Checker

A while back I reviewed the Tyre Pressure Monitoring System very kindly sent by the good folk at Fit2Go. It was remarkably easy to set up and you can find my written review HERE and a short video showing installation HERE.

Recently Fit2Go released a Tyre Pressure Checker to complement and work with their monitoring system. To promote the new product they ran a competition – and I was one of the lucky winners!

So, lets have a look at what it looks like and how it works:


It’s around 100mm or 4 inches long. At the front is the on/off button, display and the tyre pressure sensor indicated by the yellow logo. It is powered by 2 x AAA batteries (supplied) and a magnetic holder with self adhesive backing for fixing is included.


Operating couldn’t be easier. Switch on the unit – the battery level meter will appear in the right of the display.


Turn it over and touch the yellow logo on the tyre pressure sensor located on the wheel. There will be a slight magnetic pull and the red led on the sensor will light up to indicate contact. (Yes, I know the wheels need a clean – as does the rest of the car!)


Wait for the unit to beep, withdraw and turn over. The pressure in PSI will be displayed. It’s that simple. However it will also read in BAR – just press the power button five times quickly to change, then use as above.


So, it’s compact, handy and easy to use. But, you may be wondering, if you have the system installed, why you would need to check the tyre pressures. Surely the monitoring system does that for you? Well, the monitoring system is designed to warn you of potentially dangerous changes in tyre pressure and temperature, but this device will help ensure your tyre pressures are spot on and working at maximum efficiency – and if you’re as tight, sorry, as careful as me – that’s got to be a good thing! And you don’t risk losing air from your tyre – unlike conventional devices that need to screw on to the valve.

The product retails at £39.95 and can be ordered direct. For more details and to order, have a look at the website HERE.