Yes, welcome – to the new home of  (Get Your) Legs Down, now on the WordPress.com platform. I’d been thinking about a move for a while but more hassle between Blogger and Open Live Writer finally prompted me to make the switch. You can read more HERE

Everything should be here, but to be on the safe side I’m going to continue to run the old blog side by side for the time being. You will find that HERE

It’s still a work in progress – I still need to re-jig the photos on some 243 posts, but I’m working backwards chronologically when time allows.

I would really appreciate you feedback on the new layout. I can’t promise to implement any or all suggestions – not least because of template restrictions – but any thoughts on how it can be improved will be welcomed.

Looking forward, we’ve got the makings of a great trip coming up – heading back up north as we generally do this time of year – to Yorkshire and Nottinghamshire. There’s also another exciting product on the way for review that we will be looking at during that trip.

So until then..

Cheers for now